June 2021

Problem Statement

In the music industry, emerging artists and producers often face challenges in connecting with the right collaborators and managing their projects effectively. Existing networking platforms and project management tools lack the necessary features and focus, resulting in fragmented workflows and limited opportunities for aspiring musicians. The objective was to create a platform that bridges this gap, providing a holistic solution for networking, collaboration, and project management.

To gain insights into the needs and pain points of music producers and creators, I conducted extensive user research. This included surveys, interviews, and observations with a diverse group of musicians at various stages of their careers. Key findings from the research phase included:

  1. Lack of efficient networking channels: Many artists struggled to find the right collaborators or build connections within the industry.
  2. Fragmented project management: Musicians found it challenging to coordinate and manage their projects efficiently, often relying on multiple tools and communication channels.
  3. Collaboration barriers: Limited access to shared resources, difficulty in organizing contributions, and miscommunication were common challenges faced during collaborative projects.

Creators can create their profiles to showcase their credentials, skillsets, and musical styles.

Based on the research insights, I developed the Pluggs platform with the following key features:

  1. Profile Creation: Users can create comprehensive profiles showcasing their skills, genres, and past work. This allows for easier discovery and networking within the platform.   
  2. Collaborative Spaces: Pluggs provides dedicated spaces for project collaboration, allowing artists to create and manage projects seamlessly. Users can invite collaborators, assign roles, share files, and communicate effectively within these spaces.
  3. Networking Hub: The platform offers a networking hub where users can explore the work of other artists, discover new talent, and connect with potential collaborators based on shared interests and genres.
  4. Resource Library: Pluggs includes a centralized resource library where users can share and access useful tools, samples, and educational materials. This promotes knowledge sharing and helps bridge the gap between experienced and emerging artists.
  5. Project Management Tools: The platform incorporates intuitive project management tools, including task assignment, progress tracking, and calendar integration. This streamlines workflows and ensures smooth project execution.


We also designed a personal dashboard so creators can keep track of all the tasks they have in their various projects.

The platform aims to connect artists, facilitate collaborations, and streamline project workflows to empower individuals within the music industry. Through a combination of user research, ideation, and iterative design, I have crafted an inclusive and intuitive experience for all users.

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