May 2021

Team Trabaho is an initiative that aims to assist Filipino blue-collar job seekers. It is an easy-to-navigate online platform where applicants can create a resume within minutes.

Product Design

Team Trabaho's primary goal is to connect job seekers to employers and opportunities with an accessible interface that will not intimidate non-digital natives.

Continuous improvement of the system would eventually allow employers to engage with applicants. This system could be instrumental to large-scale companies, small contractors, and even individuals who simply need assistance for the day.

Pain Points for Workers:

Limited digital literacy and unfamiliarity with technology.
Lack of access to computers or smartphones.
Difficulty articulating skills and experiences effectively.
Uncertainty about resume structure and content.
Typing and spelling challenges.
Limited time and resources for resume creation.

We then focused on developing a user-friendly interface with step-by-step guidance, pre-built templates tailored for blue-collar professions, and a straightforward editing process.


The user-centric design approach and focus on simplicity and accessibility made the app a valuable tool for this target audience.

Understanding the target audience was crucial in designing an app that would resonate with blue collar workers. We conducted in-depth interviews, surveys, and observational studies to gain insights into their needs, preferences, and pain points. Key findings included the desire for simplicity, clear instructions, and the need for visual cues throughout the resume creation process.

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